V-TUF RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 120Bar, 9L/min

V-TUF RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 120Bar, 9L/min

The V-TUF RAPID-MSH 240v Hot-Water Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer is popular for cleaning tasks tackling large amounts of grease, oil, dirt, or stubborn dirt. The RAPID-MSH steam cleaner swiftly lifts all deep-rooted thick sludge, dirt, and grime from all hard surfaces. Recommended usage 3 Hours Per Day.

With a solid steel chassis, and stainless-steel cover, the RAPIDMSH Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer is rugged, durable, compact, which is why contract cleaners enjoy using this machine for use in all industries, including; Agriculture, Industry, Automotive, Transport, Construction & Public Services.

Why Buy?:
•    Superb Cleaning Performance.
•    Thermostat - Full Control of Temperature.
•    Minimal Long-Term Maintenance.
•    Energy Efficient & Low On Emissions.

•    Simple Electric Circuits

The V-TUF RAPID-MSH hot water electric pressure washer offers a time saving of up to 35% with drastically improved cleaning results compared to a cold-water model. Cleaning using hot water offers optimises the cleaning process by allowing you to use less chemical, as well as impressive cleaning results.

Oils & Greases are known to be hard to clean, especially in food factories, but using Hot water softens congealed oil and grease and radically improves emulsification, making it very easy to efficiently remove, clean, and sanitise.

Hot-Water Cleaning Removes Grime & Grease Quicker Than An Equivalent Cold-Water Machine With the same pressure and flow rate  - With Quicker Drying Time.



• 120Bar Operating Pressure, 9L/min (540Litres/hour) flow rate 
• Heats Water to 90oC on full pressure and up to 150oC on steam stage
• Easy to Use / Easy to Transport with low centre of gravity for stability.
• Boiler Protection Against Low Water Pressure.
• Total Stop System - Saves electricity

• Fully stainless steel frame and cover - Built to last 
• Simple Adjustable Temperature Control & Switch.
• Double Pass Heat Exchanger Guarantees Hotter Water with Less Fuel Usage.
• Fully Protected Electrics from Water Ingress.

• Can be used with HVO fuel which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 90%

• 24L Easy Fill Fuel Tank

Comes complete with Heavy Duty Durakilx Quick Release 10m Hose & Lance & High/Low pressure Nozzle Kit.

£2,983.19 inc vat

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