SE130 - 240v Professional Static Electric Pressure Washer

SE130 - 240v Professional Static Electric Pressure Washer

Designed for light, general cleaning tasks, the V-TUF SE130 is the ideal choice for cleaners of small building companies, small garages, and farm buildings. The SE130 is equipped with a professional 2800rpm motor pump unit with quality stainless pistons. Developed for low to medium intensity use that offers great cleaning performance.

Why use the popular SE130 240v Electric V-TUF pressure washer?

• Simple & Easy to Use.

• Great for maintaining & cleaning outdoor areas.

• Effortless, Effective, Efficient Cleaning.

• Sturdy, Durable & Reliable.

• Robust Powder-Coated Heavy-Duty Roll-Cage Frame.

The V-TUF SE130 Semi-Professional Pressure washer is built in a compact and robust roll cage frame which provides excellent protection in the back of vans and around site, as well as being portable, and best known for its low maintenance and reliable pump.

The self-priming pump allows for suction from a separate IBC or barrel which increases the potential for usage. Ideal for car washing and clean up jobs around the garden such patios, decking, garden furniture and stone walls etc.

If you need to use the machine on inlet water suction, you will need to ensure you have a water tight hose and inlet coupling or E1.0102KIT 2m suction kit. To prime the machine, you would need to connect the suction hose and run the machine with the high-pressure hose disconnected until you get a good strong steam of water exiting the pressure washer. Then switch the machine off, reconnect the high-pressure hose and switch on and operate.

The 240v V-TUF SE130 compact framed pressure washer ensures highly effective cleaning, and brilliant results, as well as an innovative design for smaller storage areas Guaranteed to cut through deep dirt, grime and even the most stubborn dirt, leaving surfaces looking new, superb, and most importantly… clean surfaces, leaving a superb ‘new look’ finish!

V-TUF SE130 electric power washers come with an easy-pull trigger gun to prevent user fatigue, along with a 10-meter superior quality high-pressure hose, and a lance with a Chemical high low-pressure end and high-performance jetting nozzle, for cleaning of a variety of surfaces and penetrating on all dirt types.


• 130 BAR Max pump pressure

• 100 Bar operating pressure with 04 jet.

• 9.4 l/min for faster cleaning and rinsing while saving water.

• Sturdy roll-cage carry frame & space saving compact size

• Quiet running motor at 69 dBA

• Effortless cleaning on varied surfaces.

• Recommended maximum average hours of use per day: 3 hours

• Serviceable – common wearing parts on stock

• Standard M22 accessories, can fit a wide range of attachments

• Comes complete with M22 quick screw coupling 10m high pressure hose & two-piece lance with chemical & pressure adjustable jet end. Comes with KCQ male inlet fitting and replaceable inlet filter.

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